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Updated: Jun 6, 2021

My Father has alway Taught me “it is easier to get where your going if you dress like you are already there.” This means exactly what you think. Dress Up! Dressing up is whatever you what it to be. But you can only achieve the timeless look If you have Timeless fashion in your closet. I will be giving you 6 Timeless & classic pieces you MUST have in your wardrobe, Staring at the Head working our way down to feet.

1.) Having Hats That Can Be Worn with Your Whole Wardrobe.

Hats are the first On Our list! Hats have been popular since the 19th century. Hats even wear many Different hats haha, they are worn for ceremonial purpose, safety, Religious reason or most know to protect against weather conditions. In the past they were even a symbol of social status.

now you have the ”why” for hats being a Timeless fashion piece you need. Let’s get into What kind of hat and color! The fun stuff.

The Style is completely up to you! I will say make sure the hat style is comfortable and fits your shape of your face. For Example If you have a round face You Would want to go for a hat that is relatively small so the hat does not outshine your precious face. Below I put a Vintage photo example for my visual learners.

2.) Classic T-Shirts in Natural Earth tones & Basics Colors

The next Timeless piece you have to have is tee shirts... not a graphic tee not your Sunday funday stained shirt Certainly not a crop Or that shirt with the big designer

l logo but a good old fashion Tee shirt. Through time & trends we stopped valuing the simplicity of what an outfit is the Cut The style The pieces as individuals put together to make a masterpiece out of your body using simple things such as a Crisp Nude T-Shirt that hugs you yet flows effortlessly. it’s nice to have tees in a variety of colors so you can make a variety of outfits having “the basics” like Black, White, Grey & my personal favorite nudes.

3.) A Pair of jeans that hug your curves & Goes With everything in your closet

We are getting down to the bottom of Timeless pieces every women needs, can you tell we are talking about bottoms?! This will be a bit longer than the rest Of the pieces because jeans are so complicated & there is a lot to cover. Okay okay of course I know how hard jean shopping is.. So In this section I will give you tips on how to find your favorite jeans brand, style and color so you can rock jeans better than J Lo!

Let’s talk about jean brands. My father got me into fashion and he taught me everything I know. The First lesson on jeans my dad taught me was that Size is NOT I repeat NOT universal in the denim world so yes ladies I’m saying that pair of jeans that you love that says sizes 6 & the pair of size 6 jeans you just bought are not the same size because the sizing is different throughout all Denim community. So lovely ladies this Doesn’t mean You gained weight or are bloated it means jean companies play on our guilt on weight, are careless on sizing & you haven’t found the best your jean brand or place to get jeans yet.

Grab You Favorite pair of Jeans you know what jeans I’m talking about The ones that make your Ass look Amazing The ones that hugs your body like glove. yess baby those ones!!! Now look at the brand on the waistband this is the jeans brand you should be getting ALL of your jeans from. In the same size from this brand. For my ladies that can’t find the brand because its wore off or the jeans don’t have any name on them. I suggest you do an image search on Pinterest to Find Something similar or hopefully the exact brand and move forward that way.

That was Finding the jean brand that is best for you based off of what is already working. Now we are talking about the style very complex but the style of your jeans makes up and important part of your outfit jeans are overwhelming So let me put you to ease by saying there are only 8 styles of jeans.

Skinny jeans: Skinny jeans (also known as cigarette jeans) are cut to be tight-fitting throughout the leg, from the thigh down to the ankle. They're usually made with stretch denim so that the wearer can get them off and on easily. They are often skin-tight like leggings.

Straight-leg jeans: Straight-cut jeans appear to have a straight up-and-down fit through the entire leg. Straight jeans can be on the baggy side, like boyfriend jeans or relaxed-fit jeans, or the fitted side, like slim-fit jeans.

Bootcut jeans: Bootcut jeans flare out slightly at the ankle. This type of jean pairs well with ankle boots.

Bell-bottom jeans: Bell-bottom jeans have a snug fit through the thigh and flare out from the knee to the leg opening.

Wide-leg jeans: Wide leg jeans are cut wide throughout the leg, beginning to flare around the mid-thigh and then continuing down to a wide leg opening. The difference between wide-leg and bell-bottom jeans is that bell-bottom jeans have more of an hourglass shape since they're tight around the thighs and knees, whereas wide-leg jeans have more of a triangle shape since the flare is more gradual.

High-rise jeans: High-rise jeans, also known as high-waist jeans, sit at your natural waist, around your belly button. High-rise, straight-leg jeans were a popular style in the ’80s and ’90s, which led to them being called "mom jeans" in the 2000s. The once-retro look has come back in style since high-rise jeans pair well with crop tops or a tucked-in T-shirt.

Mid-rise jeans: Mid-rise jeans sit between your waist and your hips. Mid-rise jeans typically hit about an inch below your navel.

Low-rise jeans: Low rise jeans hit a few inches below your belly button at your hips. This style of jeans was very popular in the 2000s.

(Examples From )

having the knowledge on styles you have now you only have to figure out what styles & colors are for you

Lastly, Let’s talk about colors there are to many colors to name them all for you with jeans so ill just tell you the most faltering colors and go with lots of things. White, You must own at least one white pair of jeans for fancy events or all White parties or to elevate your outfit. Black, You need a black pair of jeans For your bad girl days or to appease your dark side. lastly a blue light wash pair to go with bright colors, and a dark blue wash to go with anything in-between.


~ Know understand & Accept your body Shape and dress too flatter your fav parts Of yourself

~Your jeans are too tight if you can’t put two fingers in the waist line or pinch the fabric on the leg.

~The pocket on Back the jean Determine what the outline will look like low pockets for ex low looking butt, high pockets high looking butt, Medium Pockets round looking butt.

~If you want a classic look you should pick pair of jeans that only have 0-2 rips or holes.

4.) Coats Outter Wear

Coast are my favorite to add to my outfit in the fall and winter months. I have so many coats, cardigans, Blazer coats, Trench coats. I’m not saying you need all these.

I do believe each woman should have one Outter wear layer for each weather conditions so one for each season to look fabulous while not getting sick. We are not choosing cold For cute girl..... that’s so 2016!

You need one big coat for when it’s cold outside during winter & fall months a not jacket! You Should have coats & Trench‘s. This should be a nude or netural color so you can put it with anything you are wearing. The fabric should be something that can keep you warn from the elements aNd have lining on the inside and should be at least knee length.

You Will also need need A outter layer for the spring and summer seasons. For Spring you Should have Thick as well as light cardigans and Blazer coats These Should be Fall colors orange, soft yellow, all browns & light greys.

5.) Shoes

i know I said coats wear my favorite and they are and so Is shoes!!! I own over 40 pairs of shoes. Again you should not have 40 pairs I’m an addicte but that’s another Blog, You should have a pair of shoes for Each season and one to fit your lifestyle activities.

If you are a women of high standards you need a pair of heels. I would say a black classic heel will do and classic here means color not style. I will add if you are going for a more elegant Look you will have a classic pump or thick heel. Think Red Bottoms.

If you are a busy women, mom, business owner, Someone on the go but loves to look put together and comfortable you need a pair of stylish flats. I always go black because it’s classic but so are White & nude. Think Toms or Chanel Espadrille.

I did say you need a pair for each season so of course you need A pair of booties For winter With or with out a heel (Again if you want timeless look you go for a small block heel) And to Spice things up you can have add a thigh high Boot heel Or no heel to add A seductive Touch to your outfit.

If you work out or don't want to be in heels,flats or boots all the time you need a classic Tennis shoe for casual days or errands ect I suggest a plain Nike shoe or Puma, new balance ect.

6.) A Bag

The very last item on the list of timeless classic fashion piesces is A bag As the city girls say “where the bag at?” I’m wondering were your bag is?!? You should have a bag in every color that you own clothes and shoes in. Do you remember what colors that is? Hint same color as your shirts.

Every Lady should have a big medium and small bag and a wallet to fit & match each bag. Big bag for traveling & day trips. medium Good bags is for day to day errands and use. small bags for more upscale events where you eawill only have a clutch or check your bag in.

Like all good things this brings us to the end. Before I let you go into the world of fashion alone a recap of the Timeless pieces women needs.

The List


~Good old fashion T-shirts In Nudes & basic colors

~Jeans that Hug your Curves ~Coats

~Shoes (heels,flats,thigh high boots, sneakers)

~A bag (big medium and small.

Thank you for reading!!🤎

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