Sweater Weather is better.... for fashion & fun

When most people hear fall/Autumn some people get upset they compline that it is cold, they say can not wear bold bright colors, cant go out side as often and ohh, honey, how some people hate pumpkin spice or cider we'd never know why but they do exist not in my world but you get the picture the fall hate train truly goes on and on. Truth is most of us Love absolutely love Sweater weather. We love Autumn myself and as do many other female bodied people or male, non gender whoever, we die for layering clothes we have been wanting to all summer or wear thigh high boots, sweaters with trench coats on top, over sized sweaters, even cardigans not to mention turkey day thanksgiving.

In this weeks blog we will talk about why sweater weather is better... for fashion and in general. We will touch on things from Fashion to food, Fall is a season that is not liked by people who have not found the Brand the best suits them best and that is where Unity comes in. Many think fall is only about being cozy and cute and it definitely is but it can be so much more than that, It can be a time to try out that color shoe you have been wanting, it can be a break for fashionistas it truly can be more than cozy clothes and pumpkin spice and if that is all you want it to be it can be just that.

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Fall Color Scheme & Textures

When you think of fall what colors do you think of? orange, olive green, brown. nude right? Now these are wonderful colors for fall and should be worn. However there are some we do not think of wearing in fall like certain pastels, deep blues, blood red, prints, fur textures and more. We wanted to talk about color first because for some it can be very depressing season when people do not have a power color, or take pride in what they are wear , they wont explore do not know how , again the hate for the smell of pumpkin spice and least of all they lack individual fashion expression as well as expression in general

For example let us put together an outfits for fall you will need imagination for this activity, lets start How about Light brown leather pants and silk shirt and leather trench coat and egg shell white glossy boots . Lets dive a bit into the look so you understand the outfit, we started with leather pants to establish a strong foundation for the look, then we went with a egg shell silk shirt to soften the over all look and for an outer layer we have a leather trench to match the leather pants and glossy egg shell white booties to match the shirt. Lastly you would want simple bracelets earrings not to take away or over crowed the look This look is more on the elegant side and not for the faint of heart.

Lets dive into deeper into prints and textures. First order of business is releasing you from the shackles that is animal print you can wear other prints than animal in the fall!! you can wear abstract print with a well thought out color scheme, silhouette prints, fur. As we said before fall can be a time for exploring, if you do not pay attention to textures of your clothes this is a time you can do just that pay more attention to what you wear and so much more. here are some textures to try knit, terry, leather real or faux, fur, cashmere, silk or satin these are only a few that you can explore,

Fall is a time for fun. We at unity want you to take advantage of, we know the impact that clothing can have. One of our sayings here at Unity's "when you look good ,you feel good and when you feel good you do good! the aim is to encourage you to step out of the same old "classic" if you will, clothing you wear during this transition season ,take the seasons example they change and elevate, elevate your wardrobe be like the season! Not just your clothes this will elevate your status for yourself. Be well versed in many things and fashion must be one.

Fall Festivities

Another admirable thing about autumn hast to be all of the seasonal things you can do from simple to extravagant and its really a wonderful time to go out because it is not to hot not to cold it really is the perfect time to get out and try new things, it is not super crowed and it is just beautiful weather the leaves are changing and fade in to colors from a vibrant green to a yellow to orange truly a good time to go out side not to mention that you can layer your clothes and not be hot or cold and you can look so good while your out! There are so many thing unthought of things to do in fall such as apple picking and then baking a pie from the apples you handpicked or, preserving/planting fruits and veggies for fall. Lets talk about how to look good in fall and a few fall festivities you and your man or girlfriends or family can do.

Looking good in the fall walks a thin line between having elegance and going with basics that you see every year, lets work from the outside and the inside of the outfit. First we have the coat, sweater and cardigans depending on if you are going to be inside or outside, Now you always want the coat to be the center of attention for your outfit make it a statement but make sure that it matches your shoes bag scarf lipstick honey make it match something you know the outfit rule 3 colors in an outfit. when I say make it a statement that does not mean necessary lots of colors and shapes in this incents it means make it stand out throw a twist in there see that the garment has a detail that stand out, that invokes a conversation your not even involved in make someone either hate it or leave it but wanna know where you got it from and what else they have. Second thing is you must pay attention to if you want look good in the fall is weather, weather ,weather this is what will determine what kind of outer wear that you will wear also what fabric and what you will wear under your coat from knit top or a light cashmere. Looking good in any season consist of only a few things and you will ALWAYS be the best dressed in a room.

I will tell you a couple keys to looking good in any season and the first key is fit make sure that what you are wearing fits we do not just mean its not to big or small we mean it is fitted to your exact body measurements to ensure that your clothes look effortless on you. As for another key this will be the the last we will a blog on keys to looking good soon, the next thing to make sure you are the girl everyone is asking about their clothes is matching your hard wear to accessories if you have gold on match gold details like earrings, neckless match that with gold belt buckle or shoes that have gold in them to make your outfit look more expensive and put together every time.

Last things in this section is just some activities you family friends or maybe your partner can enjoy this fall here are the most common things we hear people say they want to do like going to a pumpkin patch and getting on a hay ride or doing a corm maze some even have a petting zoon lastly pick out some pumpkins and when you guys are home crave them bake the pumpkin seeds and all of that is im one place. Another common fall festivity is apple picking at a apple farm you can do so much more than pick apples you can feed animals that are there, drive/ride in a tractor, you can get pop corn on a cobb yes! you read that right my love. These are just the common fall activities that people love.

Now we will talk about things that are not as head of activities for our readers that are under 21 most of these you can not join in on just yet. Lets dive right into it a very fun fall activity you can do is go wine tasting at a vineyard most people think wine tasting is more than just drinking wine you can vist the vineyard and learn about the being stages of wine, then visit the winery and go on a tour learn more about wine and the history of it, actually do some wine tasting. Also you can do a wine paring workshop while there, or harvest grapes then step on them! Then you can do a wine Casino the funniest activity you can do besides stepping on grapes lastly you can create your own wine. As we said in the beginning so much more than just wine tasting at wine tasting.

Furthermore another most interesting activity you can do this fall is bourbon tasting aka whiskey tasting and cigar smoking! the guys will LOVE this one, this one is for our more mature people who have a bit of a refined taste because you must know how much to pour, what snacks pair well with each bourbon and which cigars pair well with which bourbon and everything about this should be thought through and should pay very close attention to detail, For example this event should not be short and rushed but timed and enjoyed it truly should be an experience for anyone involved. If you have any male bodied people you want to get out and enjoy fall and fall activities set up a bourbon and cigar tasting you will not regret it.

Spooky Szn

If we are being honest with our self as soon as August hits it is Spooky season. Halloween stuff is out! Summer stuff is on sale and pumpkin spice is now in the air for the season just get used to it, until Christmas basically, Spirt Halloween takes over business for like 6 months what we are trying to say is it truly Halloween town, its time to plan your costume or what you will be doing for the kids, it is time to pull out the old movie classics such as a nightmare before Christmas, Halloween town, hocus pocus, really any Tim Burton film. We say its spooky season its really time to be your weird self and not be judged it a time when misfits can fit in and not stand out like a sore thumb and more. it is really what you make it some people do not celebrate it and that is okay. Just because someone or something is different does not mean we judge them nor persuade them to think our way is right that needed to be said. back to our regular schedule program "spooky season" what is something you have always wanted to do? host a party, finally go to a real haunted house, cosplay whatever it is spooky szn is your time.

All in all Do not look basic or do basic things this fall step out of your comfort zone and explore! There is so much going on in the world today you deserve nice things and lot and lots of fun. As always we have reached the end of our special time together on Fridays thank you for reading and make sure to visit our shop to add both our fall & last springs collection to your ever growing wardrobe. and come back next week for yet another wonderful blog.

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