Designer vs High Street

This weeks blog is a verses, Now, before you get exited this vs is not by producers timberland and Swiss beatz, it's not your typical artist versus artist going head to head to see who is the but instead I present you, Unity Community with two undeniably different life styles, The one you have and the one you do not know you do not have that might miss a few of my lovely readers .This grate debate that has separated us for ages and not in a way that contributes to our individuality and will continue to until we bring clarity to the uncertain. This is a unique outlook on designers and high street. This blog is a long awaited and for a good reason we will talk more about that later on in our short time together.

What to expect in this weeks blog we are going to dive into what exactly the two are, this way you can get a better understanding of what each is and what they offer, the impacts each has on the earth, we will even go deeper into which one is more expensive and the reasoning behind that and much more. This will be a longer read than most mainly because of the sheer reasonability that comes with doing a blog like this its informative yet controversial and desperately needs to be said, sadly and most likely this will not be received by the masses. Our goal at unity is not to shame or blame but educate and bring timeless high quality fashion and much more to a world that now values quantity more than quality and trends over personal style.

What is Designer Vs High street

Lets start with high stre