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This weeks blog is a verses, Now, before you get exited this vs is not by producers timberland and Swiss beatz, it's not your typical artist versus artist going head to head to see who is the but instead I present you, Unity Community with two undeniably different life styles, The one you have and the one you do not know you do not have that might miss a few of my lovely readers .This grate debate that has separated us for ages and not in a way that contributes to our individuality and will continue to until we bring clarity to the uncertain. This is a unique outlook on designers and high street. This blog is a long awaited and for a good reason we will talk more about that later on in our short time together.

What to expect in this weeks blog we are going to dive into what exactly the two are, this way you can get a better understanding of what each is and what they offer, the impacts each has on the earth, we will even go deeper into which one is more expensive and the reasoning behind that and much more. This will be a longer read than most mainly because of the sheer reasonability that comes with doing a blog like this its informative yet controversial and desperately needs to be said, sadly and most likely this will not be received by the masses. Our goal at unity is not to shame or blame but educate and bring timeless high quality fashion and much more to a world that now values quantity more than quality and trends over personal style.

What is Designer Vs High street

Lets start with high street, you have most likely have heard it called ready to wear ,fast fashion and I mean these names do not give it justice. High street is not a new concept by any means it has been around since the Victorian era the 1860s to be exact, it was not a rise and fall industry it actually was introduced to the main stream fashion in the 1960s and there are no signs of it is stopping or slowing down in 2016 and it still is not. High street usually take "inspiration" from designers, bloggers, media influencers etc. Another way I like to explain High Street is by the word trend and a trend often is short lived they come and go much like High street fashion wear.

Big brands often do not actually care about the process or the effect that cheap clothes has had and dose have on our environment. Not to mention the works that make those clothes, some die in the process of making that clothing, yes, the working condition are so treacherous building collapse. This event took place "On 24 April 2013, the collapse of the Rana Plaza building in Dhaka, Bangladesh, which housed five garment factories, killed at least 1,132 people and injured more than 2,500. Only five months earlier, at least 112 workers had lost their lives in another tragic accident, trapped inside the burning Tazreen Fashions factory on the outskirts of Dhaka." Full Story by International Labor Organization Full story here. ( Most of the garment workers are women and they the are forced to leave their children to be raised by family to work they often are paid $2-3 for their work. It is situations like this we must end.

High street is arguably the beginning of what we know today as fast fashion and very well can be the end of fashion because of how saturated the market now is with all of our most talked about stores like H&M, Forever 21, Zara, pretty little thing, fashion nova, Missguided, BooHoo the list goes on. All in all High Street is not a new concept created by a youtuber it is simply "ready to wear fashion for ordinary public."

Now, our personal favorite Designer, I am sure when you hear designer your minds go straight to a brand most likely a high in brand, and you think it is only a label you are paying for such as Gucci, Chanel but your wrong. It is a whole process that can take any wear from days to months even years! I want to personally take you through my Design process keep in mind every designers process is different and starts months before you even are aware of the piece, it starts out as inspiration and that can come from any wear even from irritations, a scent, place, person, color you get the picture.

Designers is Our personal favorite and we think it is so much better than because more tailored to you in all the best ways for the price. People say "trust the process" that is what designers do every time they make something, now for most people trust the process is not enough to pay the hefty price that often comes with designer, lets dive more into that what are you actually paying for, you are paying for time, energy as well as the expertise that goes into knowing how to create a work of art you can wear. However, most of the population does not respect the work or the price only the name. Which is why we at Unity decided This weeks blog is essential to revolution of fashion that is us. We have to respect the history of design , the past of process , so we can value the future of fashion whatever that looks like. Its NOT fast fashion.

Unity is a Affordable Luxury Designer Brand and we are big on the why. Designer is all about why for us.

As most Designer's ask why this cut, fabric, season, and that what makes it so high end the attention to detail such as real metal zippers buttons that cost more than the plastic painted zippers and buttons that the paints chips in less than a week, Also expensive fabrics Designers often use more expensive fabrics because the garment will stand the test of time, feels wonderful on the skin and elevates your look and wardrobe and will never go out of style which is priceless. Fabrics that tend to have gorgeous color, fun and elegant patters are more expensive hints why there are not available at Fashion Nova, Urban outfitters, etc. We at unity enjoy love fabric sourcing its one of our favorite parts of designing a garment by far its a lovely time of cultivate work of art.

Some people will never grasp the concept or respect designers regardless of the price and that is where Unity is determined to be be that bridge that closes the gap in the Fashion industry through Unity, quality, respect, sustainability and education.

Impact Both Have On Earth

I can drag this topic out for the rest of the read but I will not bore you with that, instead I will just through statics, facts ect at you until you feel the frustration that environmental stewards feel, or the people being exploited for a $6.00 shirt from shein or $54.00 shoes from Fashion nova I actually will not do either of those things, it is not a good way to continue to gain new readers and valued customers. I will give you the truth about what fashion is doing to our planet well fast fashion we at Unity strongly agree that if you wear clothes you should be concerned about this kind of thing. I will provide you with recent numbers and explain the road of fashion we have went down and how the leaders in fashion industry willing take short cuts putting peoples lives in jeopardy and our planet as well to get the big bucks and we at unity do not agree with that and that among many reasons is why we bring you guys blogs like this.

Shall we start with a some numbers? The amount in which Americans consume clothes and textiles is doubled in the last 20 years from 7 million to 14 million in a 2018 study, what does that mean that mean? it means that we yes, we have been buying more to throw away more and not even thinking about it because of the disposable culture mass production has created fashion should not be viewed as disposable If you are into numbers here are a few more you might like to hear 82 pounds of clothing and textiles are in our landfills each year of that 82 pounds 85% is thrown away and 15% is recycled.

Now lets talk about the effects the fashion industry and the impact it has on our air. You should know that the fashion industry is reasonable for 10% of humanities carbon emission. Sure that is not a not a lot, let me put it perspective that is 1/10 not clicking yet? Look at it this way, this is more emission than international flights and maritime combined.

Which is more expensive and why?

Both sound similar right, high fashion is the one that sounds more expensive well at least to every one here at unity thought high street was the one that is more expensive ironically. Designer is more expensive. Did you know if you ask people why designer is more expensive majority of those will save it is more expensive simply because the the label on it and that is only the tip of the ice burg that is designer. Keep in mind '' I am an artists and I am sensitive about my sh**t." like Erykah badu said.

Contrary to popular belief Designer is more than a name when you buy from a designer You pay for the time that went into the process of creation this garment, you are paying for energy that went into every step that went into this garment. If you are like most a this is not enough for the price well lets get into it. I touch on the process in the sections above it and I will briefly talk a bit more about why certain Designer brands can charge the price the do because Designers do not want fashion to be disposable we want you to have the piece and give it to your sons or daughters we want the piece to be an extension of you and expression of you as well as the work the designer put into that pieces for you. design is very particular and it is different for every season and person and designers know that and cater to that.

The role YOU play in this

You have a major role you play in this. We have been conditioned to think that we do not have a say in what our world look likes and what our from food and fashion to entertainment on tv this has happened because of social media, cancel culture, society and a much more unfortunately we have decided that we can not and inevitably has turned into will not. We have gotten so caught up in keeping up we forget that we do not have to be an influencer to have an influence on people and our planet or in general.

The role you and I play in this is simple but indispensable, We must understand the vigor reasonability that comes with living in a world that is broken and we did not break it but have to fix it if we want change. Change can start with fashion ,food, entertainment, or with you.

Start to buy for the years to come spend and get something worth your money. Buy for your personal style do not buy because of a trend. if you live for or love the brand support the REAL artist not something inspired by or things like that look like it because its cheap. Cheap things always have a bigger unnoticed coast. As always we hoped you learned something in this weeks blog or formed a unpopular opinion hopefully you Share what you learned.

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